The Orchard Medical Centre

Macdonald Walk, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 8NJ
Telephone: 0117 980 5100 | Fax: 0117 980 5104


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Surgery Times

The surgery times for doctors in the practice vary If you wish to make an appointment, then please contact the practice on 0117 980 5100.

Doctors Appointments

Your appointment lasts about 10 minutes so it will help if you can follow the guidelines to help you get as much out of your appointment as possible:

  • One appointment is for one person (even if it is for a child)
  • If you want to discuss several issues, please say so at the beginning, we can then spend most time on the important things
  • If your complaint is an embarrassing one, don’t be shy and pretend that you have come about something else. There are very few things that embarrass us; we’ve seen it all before!
  • If you have questions about something that is worrying you a lot, then pluck up the courage and say so at the beginning. Don’t wait until you are about to leave when we may not be able to answer it fully.
  • If you want to discuss the illness of a family member, we may be limited by rules of confidentiality.
  • If you find that your appointment is no longer necessary, or that you can not attend for some reason, then please cancel your appointment to give someone else the opportunity to see the doctor or nurse.

Nurses Appointments

Nurse appointment sessions offer:

  • Dressings
  • Suture removal
  • Injections
  • Ear syringing
  • Family planning services
  • Cervical smears
  • Well person check-ups
  • Immunisations
  • Travel advice and vaccinations
  • Health promotion
  • Support to stop smoking

The nurses also provide many other services, so please do not hesitate to ask at reception.

Health Care Assistants

Our Health Care Assistants offer blood tests, routine blood pressure checks, urine testing and ECG’s (heart-tracing). These sessions are very busy and it is not unusal for urgent requests to be made on the same day by one of our doctors following a consultation with a patient.

  • Fasting Blood Tests: no food from 10.00pm the evening before your test, you may drink water only.
  • Getting your test result: please phone a receptionist after 2.00pm at least one week after your test. Due to confidentiality issues, results will only be given to yourself or a person designated by yourself whose details you have given to reception in writing.