The Orchard Medical Centre

Macdonald Walk, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 8NJ
Telephone: 0117 980 5100 | Fax: 0117 980 5104

Out of Hours and Emergencies

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Emergency and 999 Ambulance Guidelines

In a serious or life threatening emergency OR, if you answer “YES” to any of the questions below, please ring 999 and ask for an ambulance.

Severe Chest Pain

  • Is the patient unconscious?
  • Has the patient got a history of heart problems?
  • Is the pain a crushing pain like a band around the chest?
  • Is the pain moving into the jaw or arms?
  • Does the patient feel sick?
  • Is the patient sweating or clammy?
  • Is the patient having breathing difficulties?


  • Is the patient unconscious?

Semi-Conscious (or ‘floppy’ baby or child)

  • Is the patient semi-conscious or floppy
  • Is the patient diabetic? Is the patient having breathing difficulties?
  • Is the patient having chest pains?
  • Has the patient got a history of heart problems?

Severe Bleeding and Collapse

  • Is the patient unconscious?
  • Is the patient semi-conscious?
  • Is the patient having breathing difficulties?
  • Has the patient a crushing or penetrating injury to head, neck, chest, abdo or thigh?
  • Is the bleeding uncontrollable?


  • Is the patient still fitting? Is this the patient’s first fit?
  • Has the patient received a serious injury to the head?

Out of Hours – 111

When the surgery is closed, there is always a doctor available for urgent visits or advice that cannot wait until the next surgery.

If you need medical help when the surgery is closed, please call 111. NHS 111 is telephone advice line and signposting service for patients with urgent health problems, but which do not need a call to 999. After assessment by a 111 health advisor, if you need immediate medical care they can arrange for you to talk to a clinical advisor, see a Doctor, or go to an appropriate alternative health care service.

Require Doctor Urgently

If you need an urgent appointment, or a home visit, please ring 0117 980 5100 and hold for a receptionist

You will be given an appointment time for a doctor to call you and assess whether you need to attend the surgery, require a home visit, or have a query that can be dealt with over the telephone or by using another health care provider.

Using this system allows us to ensure that you receive the most appropriate service in regard to your specific needs.

In a serious, life threatening emergency, please ring 999 and ask for an ambulance.